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  • First date for Ann and Tom was at her parent’s home
    Tom and Ann wanted a God fearing person when they registered on Karma Dating. Even after weeks of sending each other messages, they were not in a hurry to rush things. In fact they communicated for some months before setting up a date. Surprisingly, during the first encounter was when Ann realized they were meant to be. “Our first date was at my parent’s home.” Ann wanted to see how his match would interact with her folks. When he came I was on the garden and we talked for an hour or so at the backyard. Afterward, we played a video game together as we waited for my sister to prepare dinner. Later in the evening we went for a stroll. Tom had awesome memories of the first date. “I can define it as a superb moment as there was no pressure at all to impress her,” he said. When I first met Ann, it was like we were familiar with each other for a very long time. It just felt natural. I was barely nervous.” At 22 and 21, Tom and Ann have school and work schedules to take care of. They both reside in Liverpool, but are about one and half hour apart from each other. “Actually, we text and call everyday to check on each other,” explains Ann. Tom would sometime drive to visit Ann so they could spend time together when it’s possible. Today, their love is central to their relationship. Online dating has allowed them to know each other and find what they have always wished for. “There were no potential matches at my college. I am not also good at socializing; therefore, I thought online dating was the only way left to meet someone,” says Tom. “Thanks to Karma Dating, it gave me a platform to know Tom more before seeking a relationship with him. This site helped me to see if we are compatible before embarking on the dating process,” Mary says this with a smile on her face. Tom feels the same way and hopes to have a family one day with Ann.
  • The day Joyce asked the shy Maxwell out for a date
    The day Joyce asked the shy Maxwell out for a date Sometimes, it is about the modest things in a person’s dating profile that make the big difference. Maxwell had initiated a couple of chats on the Karma Dating site, but he felt the need to change some details in his profile. He started filling up all the gaps in his profile; however, being the honest guy he is, Maxwell acknowledged on his profile that he a very shy person. Beside his truthful personality, this is what made Joyce send Maxwell a message. “Many guys will never admit they are the shy type especially when it comes to talking to ladies,” says Mary. She saw Maxwell as a very sincere person to admit that in his profile. “When Joyce contacted me, I could tell right away she was a wonderful person,” Maxwell said. “She knew what she wanted and she seemed pretty aggressive. I thought her persona was a great compliment to my character. I took a chance.” Joyce asked Maxwell out on a date three weeks after he responded to her message. On a Sunny Saturday in Michigan, they went for their first date. Michigan was located conveniently halfway between where they both resided. “I had learned from my past blind dates that meeting someone in person was very crucial to see if you two can be compatible,” Joyce explained. “Two people can text, email, or talk via the phone for days, but you truly get to know if a relationship will move to the next level when you interact face-to-face with your match.” She wasn’t panicky before the date since she knew her and Maxwell had a lot in common. During the date, Maxwell was struggling with his weight and he opened up to Joyce over his desire to live a healthier life. Joyce was ready to help because she is a fitness enthusiast. This was the first step towards their dating life. More encounters happened, and slowly Maxwell became confident around Joyce. He started sending flowers to her office and was now the one initiating most of the dates. Soon after, Maxwell traveled to Canada for four weeks. Joyce says that those were the longest weeks of her life. Sadly, when Maxwell was about to return back, Joyce was admitted to the hospital. “Although I had very strong feelings for Maxwell, my love for him hit the ceiling when he came to visit me in the hospital. How Maxwell interacted with my family and how he helped me during the recovery period was out of this world,” said Joyce. “I saw a husband in him for the first time.” The two now spend their weekends visiting each other. The common foundation of love and openness has made their relationship blossom even more. They see a great future ahead.
  • Sheri gave online dating a second chance
    Sheri came to Karma Dating website with a positive attitude on life and dating in general. The 32-year old from Ohio had a good job, working in one of the leading accounting firms as a senior accountant but her love life seemed otherwise. She was definitely interested in meeting someone honest who she could spend the rest of her life with. “I was very open but wanted nature to take its place.” She said. She decided, more or less blankly, to give Karma Dating a try after getting frustrated with many other dating sites. Nothing had borne results in her previous online dating matches, and she swore that was the last time she was trying finding love online. It didn’t take long for something remarkable to happen. Alex, three years older and living a few miles from her, wrote her a message. Six days after getting his message and reviewing his profile, Sheri decided to write him back. “We immediately hit it off,” she said. They chatted online for a few months, and then set up a date in a fancy Japanese restaurant. It’s now almost a year since, and their relationship has continued to blossom. Alex and Sheri share a great deal in common. Actually, when they are out together, these two lovebirds enjoy taking part in outdoor activities such as gardening, skiing, and hiking. They also love to cook together. “Alex is a good listener,” says Sheri. “He is laid back, very genuine, compassionate and thoughtful.” Last month, they both went to a weekend retreat which dealt with topics relating to dating, love, and relationships. Surprisingly, it was a great venue for what unfolded – Alex proposed to Sheri who gladly accepted. The couple is thrilled about what the future holds. Nowadays, Sheri is very positive about online dating sites, particularly Karma Dating. She is happy she gave herself a second chance of finding online. Her destiny is now on the right path.
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