Making a positive online dating impression with your messages

In the pre-internet era, people only met their dates face-to-face. However, online dating has made meeting new friends or finding potential dates a quick process. Is online dating that straightforward though? Not at all, you still need to make a good first impression even when meeting someone online. The difference is that you will achieve this with just an attractive photo and a profile instead of a handshake.

Your online dating profile plays the role of a messenger to potential matches. It gives an overview of what you do, what you like, and who you really are. Therefore, before even sending that first message to a potential match, ensure your profile is in order and has described you nicely.

How to craft your messages

  1. Keep the message short and personal

“Hello, Alex” or “Good afternoon, Shanna” are two kinds of rightly accepted greetings. It is advisable to formally greet a potential match in the first message you send instead of jumping right away with no greetings at all. Ensure you use the match’s real name, and be totally sure you have spelled it properly.

  1. Learn what you have in common

What do you have in common with the person you wish to send a message? Do you love the same football team? Are you in the same profession? Do you love the same type of food? It is good to find something that you both love doing before sending that first message. This will be handy in creating an ongoing conversation.

  1. Send brief but clear messages

Your first message shouldn’t be too lengthy. However, try and ensure that your message conveys what you want to say clearly. Writing “Hello Shanna, I bet you enjoy water skiing. By the way, your profile photo is beautiful” may not merit a reply since you haven’t said anything about yourself. Alternatively, you haven’t asked her open-minded question.

If you are baffled about what to include in your messages, try this:

  • In the first paragraph, say your name, age and where you come from. Briefly then say something encouraging about what they have included in their profile. It might be a movie or quote they like or a book they enjoy reading.
  • In the second part of your message, throw a line talking about what you have in common. In a few words, describe your own interest in this field or activity.
  • In the third paragraph, include a “call to action”. Why should that person contact you back? A call to action can be a simple statement asking the match about the hobbies you share or any other type of open-ended question which may seem relevant. This shows you have lot of interest in the person you are contacting.

Lastly, before you send any message, proofread it to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes. It may seem a bit irrelevant but spelling mistakes appearing everywhere in your messages makes you look clumsy.

Now that you know how to go about sending a message to that potential match, create a free profile in our website and start meeting other singles today!

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