Do men love to be chased?

Strong, confident, independent ladies wish to know; do men love to be chased? The answer might shock you. Gender roles are a bit more flexible than they used to be. Nowadays, it is very normal to meet a lady in high-powered careers while more men are embracing the roles of stay-at-home-dads. However, even with this flexibility, should women initiate the chase game on a targeted love interest? Do men respond well to this considering it has been their role to do the chasing?

Despite all the progress that ladies have made in the society, traditions and culture demands are hard things to break. Most men will definitely prefer to do the chasing rather than be chased. However, there are exceptions; but overall, women trying to take charge of the process should be ready to appreciate any outcome.

What men love is to be desired. They definitely don’t mind if a lady shows some interest. In fact, the majority are open to being asked out for a dinner or a drink by a woman they like. Moreover, men attest that they do not pursue a lady if she fails to demonstrate any reciprocating interest; therefore, total passivity is such a turnoff. Nevertheless, when a lady starts to plan encounters, arrange dates, insist on paying for dinners, and sending flowers and texts all the time, many men will start being uncomfortable with the whole process.

Most men will agree that:

  • Having a lady show interest is thrilling, but they themselves like to initiate a date.
  • It isn’t strange for a man to get apprehensive when a lady chase hard
  • A little mystery is very fascinating
  • When a lady is doing all the chase game, the whole process might feel unexciting. So finding the right balance is key when you plan to initiate the chase.

Men are naturally competitive, thus the desire to imitate the first move comes naturally for them. With that said, some men will also argue that, if a woman does the chasing, it takes the worry and risk out of the equation. But almost all men appreciate when a woman shows some interest during the courting process.

So, ladies, the bottom line is this, do not be taken aback if a man becomes less if you are an aggressive chaser. All in all, not all men will back off, but if you are finding it tricky to keep a man interested, try to create a little mystery.

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